What to Look for on a Food Product Label

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If you happen to be among the millions of people who are making a transition away from foods that are detrimental to your long term health, here is a tongue in cheek guide of just a few things to look for on a label and what they mean.  🙂

USDA Organic
The product is grown without pesticides which will destroy your body, and it tastes better and has more nutrients.

This food product won’t kill you with mutated BS your body isn’t designed to digest.

Certified Gluten-Free
This product won’t overload your body with sugars that will make you fatter, unhealthy and eventually kill you.

Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers
Doublechecking the government’s certification just to be sure.

Certified Vegan
Eating animal products will eventually destroy your cardio system. If it has a face and you eat it, you will suffer.

Nut Free
Nuts can go rancid in your gut. Eat them at your own risk. Word to the wise: sprout them before eating.

Dairy products will kill you. If it comes from a dairy, think “death in a box, bottle, carton, package, etc.”  You’ve been lied to. That’s why you look, feel and act like you do.

Soy Free
Soy products will confuse your hormones. Just stop it.


Yes, we made several snide remarks and comments in this post.  Over time we’ll post articles on each topic for more in-depth information exchange.

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